This Blog is important and every Homeowner and Landlord should read it now. Did you know that burglars are now targetting properties with Euro Cylinder locks?

This is your standard locks  in Upvc doors. These are getting targeted more than ever now in Kent, London and the South East?

The rise in this type of breaking and entry is on the increase in the home counties. This is because it originated from the North of England  where it is more prevalent.

It Blogis now fast becoming a serious issue for Homeowners and Landlords, who need to protect their valuables.

Not all homeowners are aware of this situation unless they’ve been unfortunate to know a friend or a family member who has been victim to this growing crime. This is the reason why we have produced this blog to create awareness.

The properties that are mainly getting targetted are properties in well to do areas, as well as properties with nice expensive cars outside, where burglars target the car keys. Pinnacle Property Services have staff that can change your locks after a burglary or install a antisnap lock, to prevent this type of crime happening to you.

Landlords should give us a call about this blog to discuss your options of a lock change from, the standard Eurolock to a more security conscious, anti snap lock to protect your property. Our rates are competitive and cheaper than the average locksmith, so drop us a line.

Anti-Snap Locks

We fit antisnap locks in UPVC doors for Homeowners, Landlords and Tenants. We believe prevention is better than cure. If you are unsure about how this will affect you then please click here and consider how or if this type of situation can affect you, now or in the future.

The security locks that we fit are  the highly recommended Avocet Anti Snap locks and Yale Anti Snap Locks for Upvc doors.

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