Housing Reforms

Housing Reforms

The main part of the Housing Reforms involves Universal Credit. This is being phased in by the government between 2014 and 2017 across different local authorities..  The main principles for social housing is to base the housing element on the actual rent due. Should the social housing Tenants incur service charges, these will be handled differently using a list of eligible charges as determined under the housing benefit services, within universal credit.

All Tenants are required to provide accurate information when completing the claim form for universal credit. Evidence is also required to be provided to assist the Department of Working and Pensions, to validate any claims.  Landlords therefore are required to provide information for the tenants clearly identifying any charges that are eligible under the listing for universal credit.Housing Reform

The property market has recently undergone some changes with regards to complaint handling within the rental market.  These changes will directly affect private Landlords and Letting Agents alike.  Three compulsory redress schemes are to be put in place under government approval.

No formal training is required for Letting Agents under current guidelines, this however is to change in the coming months as the government are looking into ensuring that Letting Agents are required to sign up for training and to ensure that they adhere to a code of conduct at all times.

Proposals will be formalised leading into the autumn when the government redress schemes will be decided upon, they will in turn be phased in.

Housing Reforms Shelter’ the housing charity are campaigning to put an end to Letting Agent fees. ‘Which’ have also noted that Tenants should be given greater protection and Landlords need to have the assurance that their properties are being let into good hands.  Letting Agent fees need to be more clear and concise, The Advertising Standards Agency have created new guidelines and proposed regulations.

This will help to reduce complaints made by The Property Ombudsman to the Office of Fair Trading, under current legislation there has been an increase in complaints rising almost 26% in just a couple of years.Housing reforms are regularly being looked at by the government and there are plans to built plenty of affordable homes across the country within the coming years. Check the local government website to find out how many will be built within the next five years.

Local Property Inventory Newsflash!

Dear Customer's we hope you're well and following the Social Distancing Advice by the Uk Government. Due to the current Coronavirus situation, we have stopped our face to face customer meetings for Check In's, Check Out's and Inventory Services. We're are still conducting these services at the present time with Social Distancing being our main priority to protect our Client's and ourselves.

Prior arrangement must be made for the availability of the property keys. Key availability arrangements are required prior to any visits.

Our new Rules are as follows.

1. We will Not access or be present in a property with Agents, Landlord's Tenants for any of the services that we provide.

2. No face to face Contact.

3. Inspections will only be carried out at Vacant properties only.

If you require any further details about or services or require a callback, you can contact us using the contact us form.