Check Out InventoryCheck-In Inventory is one of the most important procedures when introducing a new tenant to their property. You will be aware that both Agents/Landlords and Tenants benefit from having a professional, Inventory check-in report. This Inventory is compiled at the start of a new tenancy. 

These professional Inventory reports are purely constructed with an impartial view. This is for safeguarding the Tenant and Landlord from unsubstantiated claims of damage or theft of property at a later date. This can sometimes occur when nothing to safeguard these allegations is in place apart from hearsay.

Check In

Interim Inventory Pinnacle Property Services provide a professional Inventory from our professional clerks. We will attend the property, document all fixtures, fittings and decor, emphasising on providing an accurate condition report documenting any damage, defect or repair that is needed. 

Mid Term InspectionA professional Inventory report will be provided to the Agent/Landlord and Tenant, which will need to be signed and dated. This is o ensure that there are no discrepancies at the end of the tenancy agreement by either party. We can collect signatures for check in’s when required.

Mid-Term InspectionThis Check-In process will ensure a professional and problem-free relationship between Agent/Landlord and Tenant and assist in a smooth handover at the end of the tenancy agreement, without any need for adjudication to resolve any issues.

Inventory Check Out

Inventory Clerk ProfessionalAt the end of the tenancy, a professional Inventory clerk will attend the property and complete a detailed check-out report. This will be a routine check-out inspection report of the property to ensure that no damage has been caused during the period of the tenancy and that all fixtures, fittings and decor are in relative comparison to the check-in report compiled by our professional Inventory clerk at the start of the tenancy.

Inventory ManagementIn our professional Inventory reports our clerks will make allowances for cosmetic changes and general wear and tear of the property throughout this tenancy and will duly note this in our report.

APIP MemberA complete report will be provided to the Agent/Landlord and Tenant with a view to a hassle-free handover and return of any deposits paid. A detailed list of photographs will be provided to support both reports and a detailed inventory report will also note all defects, minor or otherwise.

Inventory Check Out

Independant Inventory ClerksOur aim at Pinnacle Property Services is to make sure that our detailed reports offer an easy resolution to any forthcoming problems and also ensure a stress-free handover of keys at the beginning or end of a tenancy for both Agent/Landlord and Tenant.

Interim Inventory

Local Inventory Clerks An Interim Inventory is a report that our professional Inventory clerks carry out, when a Landlord/Agent has concerns about a Tenant/s or whereby, they just want to be reassured that everything is too their satisfaction, in regards to the property being looked after carefully by the Tenants/s. 

Benefits of using Pinnacle Property Services:-

Inventory Clerk ServicesAt Pinnacle Property Services we have an in-depth knowledge of the lettings business. This is because we were either good Landlords or good tenants ourselves at some stage. We understand the necessity for the professional Inventory procedure. We know how important it is to have an impartial view to inventory check-in/out reports.

Inventory Check In KentAll our Professional Inventory Clerks are fully insured, with professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Inventory Check OutAll our reports are jargon-free, easy to understand and with the accompanying photos are clear and concise

Property InventoriesWe have a fully trained team that cover Kent and the South East.

Inventory Clerks KentWe can arrange bookings out of hours to accommodate busy schedules.

Inventory Clerks In KentWe offer a great impartial service at competitive prices and go that extra mile to support our customers.

Inventory ReportsWe can supply Inventory Reports by Email and also by Post Mail.