Tenancy Adjudication

Tenancy Adjudication panel is tasked to judge each case on its own merits. Landlords will always feel unhappy without vital evidence to substantiate their claims for damage, as the adjudicators will usually side with the tenants if the landlord cannot provide proof, by way of a professional inventory.

Hearsay is not admissible in the Adjudication process. Only hard clear documented facts of evidence interest the Adjudication panel. To present the Tenancy adjudication panel with clear and concise evidence, the Landlord/Agent needs to present this through documented photographs.

These detailed descriptions which Landlords/Agents can obtain through our professional inventory services will be perfect for the evidence required to substantiate any claim through the Tenancy Adjudication Panel.

Tenancy Adjudication Process

Good clear dated colour photographs are an excellent backup for all involved when a dispute arises. A professional check/in Inventory Service carried out by Professional Inventory Specialists will always be respected by the  Tenancy Adjudication panel, when a Tenant has a dispute with their Landlord.

It’s a fact that the adjudication panel from all the schemes heavily relies on detailed impartial Inventory checkout inspection reports. The Adjudication panels job is for an adjudicator to review and assess the comments of the Landlord, the tenants, as well as the check out the inventory and then, make a judgement. The Tenancy Adjudication panels judgement is final.

Tenancy Adjudication

Tenancy Deposit Schemes

My Deposits Tenancy Adjudication terms and My Deposits scheme rules Tenancy Deposit Scheme dispute resolution and Tenancy Deposit Scheme Rules. Deposit Protection Scheme disputes and damages and Deposit Protection Scheme Rules

Each Tenancy deposit scheme uses an independent Adjudication advisor to make the final ruling, as explained previously. There are reports available on each of the sites detailing the rulings and giving in-depth explanations as to how their decisions are reached, giving each party clarity as to how their case has been dealt with.  

All of the reports mentioned above can be downloaded as a PDF from the relevant Tenancy Deposit Scheme websites.