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Inventory Services

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Welcome to Pinnacle Property Inventory Services, your local Inventory Services Specialists. We have many types of Inventory Services that our clerks cover in London and Kent. For more information about our services please search through our site.

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professional inventory report provides Landlords and Tenants with a detailed report of the rental property. It is a legally binding agreement between the Landlord and the Tenant stating that the condition of the property and the contents therein at the start of the tenancy are true and fair.

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The  professional Inventory Services document will list the condition of the overall state of repair, detailing any scuffs or damage that may require attention. An Inventory Services schedule of condition is also provided, detailing the meter readings, overall condition of each room, appliance etc and the number of keys issued to each tenant.

Check In Inventory Services

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These reports can be combined with a check in/out service whereby we will do a walk through of the property with the potential tenant and ensure that they are happy with the condition of the property, fixtures, fittings and decoration prior to signing the tenancy agreement.

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At the end of the tenancy a check out will be undertaken, this will be compared with the original inventory. A detailed Inventory Services report will be compiled whereby any damage to the property will be noted and also the cleanliness of the property will be reported upon.Inventory Services

Check-Out InventoryCheck-Out Inventory

This process ensures a smooth handover at the start and end of the tenancy and also helps ensure that there are no disputes with regards to deposits being returned, in turn allowing the landlord to re let the property with no delays.

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All Inventory Services reports will be accompanied by digital photographs as supporting evidence of the condition of the property. Inventory Services Reports will be provided to the Landlord and Tenant and should be signed and dated so that both parties are satisfied with the full description and conditions report.

Interim Inventory Services

Check In InventoryCheck In Inventory

Should the Landlord require, a interim or mid-term inspection this can be arranged to ensure that the property is being properly cared for. This is to highlight any areas that the Landlord may need to attend to in order to keep the property in a good state of repair.

Interim Inventory Interim Inventory

At the end of any tenancy the main aim of the Tenant/s is to get the deposit back in full without any deductions. This will be generally attributed to the Inventory Services condition report of which was initially signed for via a check-in at the start of an assured shorthold tenancy.

Detailed Inventory Services

Professional InventoryProfessional Inventory

This detailed Inventory Services report compiled by Pinnacle Property Services details, the general wear and tear and will specifically show how the property has been kept and treated throughout the tenancy by the Tenant/s.

This is important because at the end of the tenancy, the Tenant will want their deposit returned in full providing the state of the property is undamaged and in a good state of repair. A detailed Inventory Services report will clarify whether the property has been kept in good order as the images of the property can be compared with the check in report and the check out report.Professional Inventory Clerk

Our job at Pinnacle Property Services to to make sure that our Inventory Services clerk’s make an unbiased assessment of the property, this is to ensure that everything which has affected change is documented and photographed should any unlikely claim be made against either party.

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Pinnacle Property Services have professional inventory clerks in five current locations around London and Kent. We are an up and coming inventory specialist team that work for Estate Agents, Landlords and Tenants 7 days a week. We now service residential properties and commercial property Inventories as we continue to expand our business.

Local Property Inventory Newsflash!

Dear Customer's we hope you're well and following the Social Distancing Advice by the Uk Government. Due to the current Coronavirus situation, we have stopped our face to face customer meetings for Check In's, Check Out's and Inventory Services. We're are still conducting these services at the present time with Social Distancing being our main priority to protect our Client's and ourselves.

Prior arrangement must be made for the availability of the property keys. Key availability arrangements are required prior to any visits.

Our new Rules are as follows.

1. We will Not access or be present in a property with Agents, Landlord's Tenants for any of the services that we provide.

2. No face to face Contact.

3. Inspections will only be carried out at Vacant properties only.

If you require any further details about or services or require a callback, you can contact us using the contact us form.