Evicting Tenants

Evicting Tenants

Evicting tenants is something Landlords do not like to do as it’s costly and time consuming. Evicting tenants is usually a last resort when problems arise and there is no solution for the Landlord. There are plenty of reasons why Landlords want to evict Tenants.

This could be because of consistent late rent payments, annoying neighbours, contributing to property disrepair, having loud parties or being a constant nuisance. If the Landlord wants to evict Tenants for these reasons then they can apply for a Section 8 notice. The Section 8 Notice  is required to action this.Evicting Tenants

Tenant EvictionTenant Eviction

Evicting a Tenant is not the easy option for a Landlord or Letting Agent to have to deal with,  but in some circumstances it is the last resort of which the Landlord stresses at the fact that they are not sure what state the property will be in when it is eventually returned by the Tenant.

For a Landlord to evict a Tenant, they must go through a long process which really needs a great deal of expertise to execute correctly. Time and money needs to be spent on filling out forms, gathering evidence and sometimes liaising with the Tenants solicitors. Anything less than perfection when filling out forms could either delay or disrupt the process.

As from 22nd April 2014, the fees for the eviction process have gone (From £175 to £280) up in price and the situation for Landlords is that they will probably never recover the fees owed as when an eviction has been granted, the only thing a landlord can do is wait for the process to take its course through the courts in order to gain access to her/his property.

Bad Tenants

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Tenant ProblemsProblem Tenants

Sometimes Tenants are unwilling to move out of a property peacefully, so they’ll use all sorts of excuses or tactics to stop an eviction.

They will also make excuses to change court dates which is frustrating, but patience and good dialogue will never let it get to this point, if you have all the correct paperwork in hand.

Landlords should understand that most Tenants have been put in a situation where rent is not affordable anymore.

This could be due to a loss of Job in the family, a break up of the family. Sometimes there are other genuine reasons which make it hard for the Tenants to keep up with their monthly payments.

A  good Landlord who is understanding and more sympathetic in these situations will usually get their property back hassle free. The Landlord if they’re lucky will receive the property back with no fuss, or damage caused to their property by the tenant/s.

The tenant will usually get a home to live in which they can afford causing no trouble when they leave, but that’s not always the way. Below we’ve listed the some reasons for evictions across the uk which seems to be getting more prevalent as the months and years go by.


Eviction of Tenants

Tenant Eviction IssuesEvicting Tenants is expensive

Eviction ProcessEviction Process can be lengthy

Section 21 EvictionEviction under Section 21

Eviction Section 8 Eviction for Non Rent Payment

Problem TenantsEvicting Problem Tenants