Covid-19 Guidance

Covid-19 Guidance and PPE

At Pinnacle Property Services we endeavour to adhere to all Covid-19 government guidelines. In line with the latest guidelines, we will be adopting specific measures to ensure that our staff are adhering to them in order to prevent the chance of catching or spreading the COVID-19 virus. Government guidelines state that all property inspections can continue under these stringent measures and therefore for the foreseeable future we will keep the same guidelines in place.

Little or no change with regards to the virus is affecting the property lettings industry. Ensuring public protection, following basic hygiene, sanitizing hands, wearing PPE and adhering to social distancing is what allows the industry to continue.

It is imperative that Inventories and Checkouts are completed to protect your tenancy and your deposit as a tenant and your property as a Landlord. In order to ensure the health and safety of staff and customers, all personnel at Pinnacle Property Services will be wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when attending inspections. 

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Covid-19 Social Distancing for Inventory Clerks

We would ideally attend properties that are in a vacant state, where this can not be avoided. Our staff will ensure that they are protected and maintain social distancing at all times. Little or no direct contact will be made whilst carry out interim inspections at your private residence.

Prior to any visit, a member of staff will be in touch to discuss the inspection. It will be deemed necessary to check that you and your family have been free from COVID-19 and that you are showing no symptoms. Our Inventory clerks will endeavour to maintain the same principle. Staff are attending non-symptomatic COVID-19 testing to ensure that they stay free of the virus.

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Tenants Adhering to Covid-19

Covid-19 Track and Trace

They will also be wearing the relevant protective equipment whilst at your property. All relevant contact information will be held by the agent for track and trace purposes, should this be needed at a later date.

Following all of the above protocols allows for all inspections to be carried out safely. The need for these inspections is to protect landlords and tenants alike. Keeping the industry moving in the most unprecedented times in the safest way possible, adhering to government guidelines at all times.

Social Distancing