Tenant Tips

Tenants can themselves request a professional inventory to protect themselves against Landlord or Agent claims even if the Landlord or agent hasn’t requested an Inventory at the start of a tenancy or conclusion to the tenancy. Please note that facemasks must be worn when our Inventory Clerk arrives to provide an inspection. We all have to adhere to social distancing in regards to the recent Covid-19 pandemic which has changed the way we conduct our services.

The government-backed tenancy deposit schemes will always side with the tenants unless a landlord can provide, an impartial check-in and then check out Inventory report carried out by a professional company like ours, at the start of the tenancy.

 Tenants Tips

Important Tenant Tips:

Your Landlord has certain legal requirements that must be met whether he/she has Tenants in a Flat, House or House of Multiple Occupation.

Landlord Regulations for Tenants may vary depending on the property type that you are letting.

  1. Gas Safety Regulations 1998 are in place to ensure that Landlords have tested all gas appliances to ensure that they are safe.
  2. Landlords are required to provide the tenant/s with a Gas Safety Certificate at the commencement of the tenancy.
  3. Fire Safety. Landlords are required to provide smoke alarms for Tenants and to houses of multiple occupations (HMO’s), these also have to be mains operated if the properties were built after 1992. Any furniture that is provided must be fire-resistant.  All furniture constructed since March 1989 will comply with regulations and be marked accordingly.
  4. Landlords must provide a copy of the Electrical safety certificate for the property that is rented to the tenant/s. If you do not have one, you should request it from your Landlord as the property you rent could have electrical faults that could cause death, fire or injury.
  5. Landlords are responsible for repairs and maintenance under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987.
  6. Landlords are required to keep the structure of the property in good repair, maintain all gutters, drains and external pipework.  Maintain installation for Gas, water, sanitary and electricity.
  7. Landlords are required to provide an EPC report for the property at the beginning of the tenancy.
  8. Landlords are required by law to register the tenants deposit into a reputable scheme from which they will be provided with a certificate for their records.
  9. It is in the Tenants best interests to maintain the good condition of the property and when due to cease the tenancy you should ensure that the property is returned to the Landlord in this same condition without damage.
  10. When an Inventory clerk comes to view your rented property to provide Inventory services, by way of a check in, make sure that they are aware of any concerns that you may have. This is particularly useful as it will all be noted by the clerk on the Inventory form and the concerns relayed to the Estate Agent or Landlord

Keep a written dialogue of any correspondence that you have with the Landlord or agent if you have any concerns through the tenancy, noting the date, time and who you spoke with about your concerns if the initial contact was made by phone.

Tenants With Pets

Pets are an essential part of any family. Landlords are always worried about tenants with pets because of damage to their property and also the chance that mites could cause damage to carpets, curtains and bedding. Some landlords charge an extra fee because of insurance purposes and some agents take extra fees to keep hold of with the possibility of any future problems.

Some tenants move into a property without a pet and like a new addition to their family will want to bring small pets into their home. With most landlords, this will not be an issue but with some, it’s “No Chance” regardless. To make sure you do not have problems with your landlord please read Tenants with Pets.

Help For Tenants

If you have a problem paying your rent ask family or friends for help or call any of the registered charities Citizens Advice Bureau, Shelter or Step Change for advice. You can contact them directly by clicking on the charity logo’s below which will take you to the charity website of your choice.

Housing Advice for Tenants

Inventory Clerks LondonCitizens Advice Bureau

It would be a good idea to keep any written correspondence in regards to any problems you have suffered through the tenancy. This can easily be done by email or letter, please note that following these simple steps would help in any dispute resolution.

The good thing is that these tenant tips should help you to retain part or all of the tenancy deposit funds that are held by the Landlord/Agent in relation to problems that may occur at a later date.

The Citizen Advice Bureau is usually very helpful in answering the questions that are covered by the housing law. The only downside to their organisation is that they are particularly stretched for resources and it could take some time to get an appointment to see them.

Housing Advice

Tenants LondonShelter Homeless Charity

Ensure that a full inventory is provided for the property, this will avoid disputes over loss/damage when the tenancy comes to an end.

You as a tenant have a duty to maintain the property that you are renting, ensuring that no damage other than general wear and tear is caused during the term of your tenancy.  You are also required to maintain rent payments even if you are in dispute with your Landlord over repairs to the property.

Step Change

Inventory Clerks KentStep Change Charity

You are required to pay all your bills specified by your Landlord in your tenancy agreement (e;g Gas, Water and other utilities)

You are entitled as a Tenant to live in the property undisturbed, you also have a duty to allow the landlord access to the property when required. The Landlord should usually give at-least 24 or 48 hours notice period in writing as it states in any reputable Assured Shorthold Tenancy. If you and your Landlord are on good terms then less formal notices are usually accepted by email or a simple telephone call in cases of emergencies.