Landlord Repairs

Landlord Repairs

Inventory Clerks For LandlordsLandlord repairs are something which grates on Tenants for the same reason up and down the country. Some Landlord’s never want to put their hands in their pockets and pay for anything, so Tenants are usually left with trying to complete non urgent repairs by themselves and then try and recover the costs without much luck.

Professional Inventory ClerksTheir are plenty of stories about rogue Landlords and Landlords from hell, but they all shouldn’t be tarnished with the same brush. If your Landlord does not carry out important Landlord repairs then their are steps you can take to rectify this.Landlord Repairs

Inventory Clerks in LondonTenants should always keep correspondence to the Landlord/Agents about any Landlord repairs problems or issues in writing or by email. This is basically the only way to keep a correct timeline of events and ensure that all the evidence is collated which will indicate times and dates of correspondence.

Inventory Clerks In KentLandlords know that keeping their property in a good state of repair keeps the value of their property. If for any reason you believe something isn’t working, then it’s your duty as a tenant to report it to the Landlord as soon as possible. Give him/her a chance to rectify these issues in a timely manner without any obstruction. Any concerns should be sent by email or letter to the Landlord with evidence of photographs to substantiate any Landlord repairs that you think should be undertaken.

Environmental Health Department

Rented Home RepairsThe courts usually will require evidence when tenants substantiate their claims. This can be by way of reporting issues to your local borough council’s Environmental Health Department. They will usually ask you to send evidence to them and then they will contact the landlord. The landlord will be asked to rectify the issues in a timely manner. If the landlord ignores this department, they will then decide to enforce court action on the tenants behalf.

Guidance for TenantsWe at Pinnacle Property Services  would advise any Tenants to collect photographic evidence or video evidence to substantiate your claim, as your case will be much stronger against the Landlord/Agent should court action be required. Also be aware that  complaints against your Landlord could result in other problems for tenants like eviction. Landlord repairs are important for the family living in the property. If the Landlord repairs aren’t carried out in a timely manner then this is breaking the rules of the tenancy agreement as tenants have a right to quiet enjoyment, which is usually disrupted by a property in disrepair.

Local Property Inventory Newsflash!

Dear Customer's we hope you're well and following the Social Distancing Advice by the Uk Government. Due to the current Coronavirus situation, we have stopped our face to face customer meetings for Check In's, Check Out's and Inventory Services. We're are still conducting these services at the present time with Social Distancing being our main priority to protect our Client's and ourselves.

Prior arrangement must be made for the availability of the property keys. Key availability arrangements are required prior to any visits.

Our new Rules are as follows.

1. We will Not access or be present in a property with Agents, Landlord's Tenants for any of the services that we provide.

2. No face to face Contact.

3. Inspections will only be carried out at Vacant properties only.

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